Spiritual Experiences

This is a private page that contains information on a series of spiritual “experiences” that I received between 2013 to 2018. Please refer to the FAQ section below for a detailed explanation of what I mean by “experience”.

  • An Equation for Salvation Apr 8, 2013 (est.) – My first experience, which shows the creation, the origin of sin, plan of salvation, and final destruction of the wicked as revealed through mathematics.
  • The Portrait of Christ Nov 14, 2016 (est.) – My second experience, which reveals the true value of the human soul.
  • The Ice Pond Jan 9, 2017 – Illustrates the fall of man and the cost of redemption.
  • The Overmastering Delusion Feb 3, 2018 – A warning, which draws attention to future events that will take place including persecution, Satan’s impersonation of Christ, and the importance of the Three Angels’ Messages.


What is meant by “experience”?

Each of these experiences happened in this way: It was early in the morning and I woke up suddenly. My eyes remained open (the only exception being the fourth experience) and I knew that I was awake. Then scenes were displayed like an interactive movie playing out in my head. I physically saw nothing with my eyes, and heard nothing with my ears. Everything occurred in my mind. However, it seemed as if I was in this “movie” and could look around, talk, and interact with my surroundings.

So you had a dream?

No, dreams happen when you are sleeping. I was fully awake during each experience. “Day-dreaming” is not an accurate term for my experience either. I know what it is like to dream while asleep and daydream while awake. These experiences were much different.

When this happened were you aware of your physical surroundings?

Yes, I could still see the room that I was in, and was aware that I was awake.

Are you claiming to have had a vision?

I have only stated that I have had “experiences”. Visions appear to have certain miraculous phenomena attached to them, such as a lack of breathing during the vision, which I cannot confirm. It also seems like people in vision actually see things with their eyes, hear things with their ears, and may not be aware of their physical surroundings. That is not true in my case.

Could this just be an “impression” from God?

I intentionally use the term “experience” instead of “impression”. Why? Because an impression is simply an idea, such as “Pray for your sister” or “Preach about health today”. Then the person can act on that impression. What I experienced was like a complete “story” or “movie” that was delivered straight into my mind. I didn’t have to think it over first. No decision was involved.

Are you claiming to be a prophet?

I have not made this claim.

How do you know that what you experienced was truly from God?

We are counselled to “test the spirits” (1 John 4:1). Just because someone has an apparent dream, vision, or “experience” that seems to be from God, does not mean that it truly is. It must be tested against the sure Word of God to see if it passes the test. A few things stand out to me regarding these four experiences:

  • So far I have not found anything in the Bible that contradicts them. On the contrary, I was led to study the Bible deeply after each experience and found a lot of things line up with what I saw (an example: there are strong correlations between Isaiah 2 and “The Overmastering Delusion”).
  • There were many providential events that occurred after each experience – answered prayers, miraculous “coincidences”, and opportunities opened up to share these messages without any effort on my own part.
  • I suffered significant attacks from the devil when choosing to share these things publicly: major struggles with doubt, physical suffering (including debilitating back pain that struck both my wife and I days before I was to preach and then miraculously disappeared afterwards), attacks on my family (including multiple family deaths – in one case, 3 deaths in less than a month – one relative died after each sermon I preached), and severe mental/spiritual oppression that only by God’s grace I was able to overcome.
  • Many people who have heard these things later shared with me how much they were blessed by them – including a school principal who stated that the kids in her high school classes showed a major interest in spiritual things afterwards, to the point that their teachers were amazed by it. I can’t take credit for any of this – to me, this is evidence of the Holy Spirit at work.

Why do two of the experiences have an “estimated” date?

After each experience, I wrote down the details so that I would not forget them. However, for the first two I did not record the exact date, although I remember clearly the day of the week they occurred (it was a Monday in both cases) and time of year. Later, when I began sharing these things with others I went back and reviewed my calendar, recalling events that occurred before and after these experiences. This helped me pinpoint an approximate date for when the first two occurred.

If it can be shown that the messages portrayed in these experiences contradict the Bible, will you reject them?

Yes, I would reject them. The Bible is the standard and sole authority of my faith. The Holy Spirit does not contradict Himself. New light or revelations will never erase or do away with the old, but rather it will affirm it and build on it, revealing the truth of God in even clearer lines. If it can be shown that these messages do not affirm and correspond with the light revealed to us in God’s Word, how could I continue believing that they were still true? But I have not found this to be the case.

Why do you believe God gave you these experiences?

God is preparing us for the last days of this earth’s history, to go through an experience unlike any other. I believe these messages draw our attention to certain truths that the Lord would have us understand better for this time. If we are to endure to the end, we must have a right understanding of God’s character of love, the plan of salvation, and gain a proper preparation for what lies ahead. If God can use me to help others gain a clearer knowledge of these things, I am eager to be used by Him. We have been given tremendous light in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy – my prayer is that what I share here will inspire others to search deeper and become more firmly grounded in their faith.