Spiceworks is a fantastic product, but one area where I see it needs a little more flexibility is in permissions/access management. Right now there are only four roles available: Admin, Help Desk Admin, Help Desk Tech, and Reporting. Admins have full access, whereas Help Desk Admins/Techs are limited to the Help Desk only, and can’t access information from other areas of the application (such as Devices, Software, People, etc.) This can be a real blocker when it comes to troubleshooting tickets. I’ve been aware of this problem for some time, as many users pointed out that my Help Desk PowerPack plugin is unable to show certain contact information to Help Desk Admins/Techs for this very reason. However, I saw this as a minor inconvenience so didn’t bother to spend time trying to come up with a workaround.

Then came a major development project, Pepper Pack, a new paid app that I recently launched in the Spiceworks App Center. At the core of Pepper Pack is the ability for Help Desk users to view very detailed hardware/software information right inside Help Desk tickets. Problem – this info doesn’t show up unless your admin.

So now the pressure is on – this NEEDS to work for my new app, what am I going to do? First I did a little research and discovered a few other users had made various plugins in the past that filled in this gap with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, those plugins haven’t been updated in a while and aren’t compatible with newer versions of SW. So I quickly determined it was time to go to the drawing board and build my own from scratch. I wanted something that would allow the creation of unlimited security groups while allowing admins to hand pick what each group can access…

The result is Pepper Roles, a free plugin with a very easy-to-use UI that gives you full control over permissions in Spiceworks. All you have to do is make ALL of your users full admins, then configure Pepper Roles to take over all permissions management. Try it out today and let me know if you discover any problems with it.

Available on the App Center