Pepper Roles 1.8 Released

This is a maintenance release to fix several bugs recently reported by users, including a major bug that broke the main navigation menu in Spiceworks 7.5.00087. In recent versions, I chose to “minify” (compress) the JavaScript code for this plugin so that it would load faster. However, the compression utility I was using appears to have altered the code (including removing many semicolons) and this seemingly caused some permissions to break – allowing users to get into certain parts of Spiceworks that they were not allowed access to. In this release, I have left the code uncompressed and during my tests this has appeared to resolve the issue.

As always, go to Settings > Manage Apps after installing this release and double-check that you have appropriate permissions assigned to each group. If you discover any bugs in this version, post a comment below or send me an email.


  • Spiceworks Version 7.5.00087 or higher

Change Log

  • Fixed: After upgrading to Spiceworks 7.5.00087 the main navigation dropdown menu (Community, Inventory, Network Monitor, etc.) is broken if Pepper Roles is enabled
  • Fixed: Custom plugin icon & configuration form fails to load on the Manage Apps page when changes are made to other plugins/apps
  • Fixed: Pepper Roles message on Settings > User Accounts page sometimes does not display, or displays repeatedly
  • Fixed: Alphabetical sort order of Group members is not consistent if there are a large number of users in the group
  • Fixed: JavaScript code compression caused some permissions to fail (allowing users to bypass them) due to missing semicolons

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