Pepper Roles 1.6 Released

The latest release of my Pepper Roles permissions management plugin for Spiceworks is now available for download. This release officially drops support for older versions of Spiceworks (ie. 7.4). It also adds a new permissions option for the Settings module so you can restrict access to ManageEngine settings. As well, there are a couple of bug fixes, and I decided to minimize the plugin’s JavaScript code to reduce the file size and consequently speed up load times a little.

Go to Settings > Manage Apps after installing this release and double-check that you have appropriate permissions assigned to each group. If you discover any bugs in this version, post a comment below or send me an email.


  • Spiceworks Version 7.5.00063 or higher

Change Log

  • Added: Backwards-compatibility with pre-Spiceworks 7.5 versions dropped (older SW versions must used Pepper Roles 1.5)
  • Added: New permissions option – Settings > ManageEngine
  • Fixed: Plugin JavaScript is minimized for faster loading
  • Fixed: Plugin configuration sometimes does not load properly, revealing an unformatted form
  • Fixed: If Cloud Services and Purchases permissions options are enabled, then Settings > Inventory > Cloud Services & Settings > Global Settings > Purchases are force-enabled by mistake


Available on the App Center

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