The latest release of my Pepper Roles plugin for Spiceworks is now available for download. This update features several major additions including more options to choose from when allowing/restricting access. I’ve also added a “Select All” checkbox which will automatically select/de-select all permissions checkboxes (thanks to Rob Dunn for this suggestion). That should help you avoid breaking your finger by having to repeatedly click the mouse! As well, there was a bit of a strange bug that only appeared to affect Firefox users – when you added your first user group it wouldn’t let you assign users to it until you added a second group – that’s fixed now. Finally, I’ve even included the ability to restrict access to the User Portal. So if you don’t want some of your staff to be able to manage/edit the user portal, but they should still be able to view it, you now have this power at your fingertips. Happy restricting!

Because of the major changes in this update, I highly recommend that you go to Settings > Manage Apps after installing this release and double-check that you have appropriate permissions assigned to each group. Although this update is backwards-compatible (you won’t lose your previous settings), you won’t have access to any of the new modules listed as permission options until you manually set these for each group.


  • Spiceworks Version 7.4.00070 or higher

Change Log

  • Added: New permission options – Dashboard, Help Desk Dashboard, Knowledge Base, Settings sub-modules, and User Portal (View/Manage)
  • Added: “Select All” option to allow selecting/de-selecting all permission options at once
  • Added: New “Help” tab to the plugin settings UI with quick links to support resources
  • Fixed: “Groups” dropdown field selection issue in Firefox
  • Fixed: Group members are now sorted alphabetically (instead of by order of addition)

Available on the App Center