You have Google Chrome installed. When you try to open hyperlinks in an email using Microsoft Outlook, you get the following error: General failure. The URL was: “”. Application not found

General failure . Application not found.

After researching the problem, I tried many solutions including resetting browser settings, uninstalling/re-installing Chrome, and making sure Chrome was the default browser and was the assigned program for opening HTML files. However, none of that worked. Some users recommended uninstalling Chrome altogether and just using IE. Sorry, that’s not a solution – I want to use Google Chrome!


So what did work? It ended up being a registry hack. I compared the registry on a computer that was working with the computer that had broken links in MS Outlook. This was the difference – the broken computer had this registry key:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\ChromeHTML

Deleting that key instantly solved the problem.