Help Desk PowerPack 3.4 Released

Another major update to Help Desk PowerPack is now available. This release features a new “Stats & Rankings” option which allows you to display a toolbar at the top of the ticket list with live statistics – including a Leaderboard! This is a great way to help motivate your help desk staff to be more productive and close tickets faster.

The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard shows the top 10 help desk techs (based on how many tickets they’ve closed in the last 7 days). The toolbar also shows each user’s individual ranking compared to all the other techs, and can display how many tickets they’ve closed in the last 7 & 30 days. Please note that this feature only works for Spiceworks admins – as this data is not available to Help Desk Admins & Techs due to API restrictions. To get around this, simply install my Pepper Roles plugin, make all of your users full admins, and then create custom groups via the plugin config and restrict user access that way.

Ticket View Menu Customization

As well, another major addition is the ability to customize the ticket view dropdown menu. Before I simply allowed you to show ticket counts on the menu (and you still can). However, now you can actually choose which menu options are displayed (and in what order). I thought this might be handy if you simply never use some options, or if you need to change the order in a way that makes more sense to you. By default, all menu options are shown in the default order if the “Ticket View Menu” list on the plugin config page is left blank, but if you start adding menu options and changing their order you’ll quickly see what this will do. Hope you find it useful!

Upcoming Features

I know that many of you have been asking for the ability to enable ticket counts for custom ticket views – this is coming, but unfortunately didn’t make it into this release. I’m still doing research into this, as right now I could only get this working for admins. I’ll also be adding back in the feature that highlighted required fields in red if they failed validation tests. That should definitely make it into the next version.

As always, it’s a good idea to clear your browser cache after installing this update, and be sure you go to Manage Apps on the Settings page to make any changes to the plugin configuration.


  • Spiceworks Version 7.5.00065 or higher

Change Log

  • Added: Help Desk “Leaderboard” displaying the top-ten most productive help desk techs at the top-left of the ticket list
  • Added: Help Desk stats/ranking toolbar on top of the ticket list showing the current user’s ticket totals (last 7 days/last 30 days) & ranking compared to other help desk techs
  • Added: “Ticket View Menu” config option – choose which options are displayed on the menu, and in what order
  • Added: “Active Tickets” and “Waiting Tickets” totals now display on the ticket view dropdown
  • Added: “Creator” is now a Quick Entry field option (read-only)
  • Fixed: Ticket Counts do not display if ticket list is empty
  • Fixed: Contact info does not refresh on contact cards after selecting a different person
  • Fixed: Plugin config UI is lost when “Manage Apps” plugin list is refreshed
  • Fixed: Plugin config UI has some CSS display issues when viewed with Mozilla Firefox

Known Issues/Limitations

  • “Related Items” field cannot be added to the Quick Entry toolbar
  • Ticket counts are not available for Vendor/Service Tickets, Active Alerts, Shared Tickets, and any other custom ticket views
  • Tickets can be closed via email without required field validation (currently, it is impossible to restrict this with the current plugin API provided by Spiceworks)

Available on the App Center

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