Help Desk PowerPack 3.2 Released


  • Spiceworks Version 7.5.00065 or higher

Change Log

  • Added: New plugin configuration UI for easier management
  • Added: New customized message dialogs for displaying warnings/errors
  • Added: Full compatibility with the Subcategories XML for 7.3+ plugin (tested with v1.16)
  • Added: The Quick Entry toolbar is now 100% customizable – add/remove/change order of ALL fields (incl. the default ones)
  • Added: “Labor Total” can now be added to the Quick Entry toolbar, allowing you to quickly see total labor cost
  • Added: Tidy Comments rules now work on both regular & labor comments, and can handle multi-line comments too
  • Added: JavaScript code minified to improve performance
  • Fixed: Required fields on New Tickets are not working properly
  • Fixed: Tidy Comments/Images feature stopped working after upgrading to SW 7.5
  • Fixed: You can once again force help desk users to enter a “Public Response” before closing a ticket
  • Fixed: Ticket status should not change to “Closed” if user clicks “Delete” but then clicks “Cancel”

Known Issues/Limitations

  • “Creator” and “Related Items” fields cannot be added to the Quick Entry toolbar
  • Ticket counts are not available for Vendor/Service Tickets, Active Alerts, Shared Tickets, Urgent Tickets, and any other custom ticket views
  • Tickets can be closed via email without required field validation (currently, it is impossible to restrict this with the current plugin API provided by Spiceworks)

Available on the App Center

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