The latest release of my Help Desk PowerPack plugin for Spiceworks is now available for download. Along with a couple of bug fixes, I am introducing a new feature – clean up ticket comments! This additional feature allows you to remove any comments that only contain a small image attachment (you define the width/height as shown below). This is useful for removing social media icons or other small logos that often tag along with email signatures. If you don’t want to use this feature, I suggest setting it to the lowest height/width of “10” (pixels).

Tidy Comments Settings

As well, you can also remove single-line comments (multi-line comments are ignored) that contain specific text. For example, you could remove all comments that contain the phrases: “Assigned to”, “Ticket closed”, and so on. To disable this feature, leave it blank.

Hopefully this will help you tidy up your comment feed so you can focus on the important parts. I am working on some additional “tidy” filters (ie. remove email signatures, needless spacing, etc.) but that’s still in the experimental stage so will be part of a future update.


  • Spiceworks Version 7.3.00111 or higher

Change Log

  • Feature: Tidy comments – Removes small image attachments (ie. email signature logos, etc.) and single-line comments with specific text (ie. “Assigned to”, “Ticket re-opened”, “Ticket closed”, etc.) in ticket comments so you’re only left with the stuff that really matters!
  • Fixed: Ticket counts are now displayed for the “Recently Updated” ticket view
  • Fixed: Delete button now works again on open tickets (stopped working due to a recent Spiceworks update)

Known Issues/Limitations

  • “Creator” and “Related Items” fields cannot be added to the Quick Entry toolbar
  • Ticket counts are not available for Vendor/Service Tickets, Active Alerts, Shared Tickets, Urgent Tickets, and any other custom ticket views
  • Tickets can be closed via email without required field validation (currently, it is impossible to restrict this with the current plugin API provided by Spiceworks)

Available on the App Center