Help Desk PowerPack 2.9 Released

The latest release of my Help Desk PowerPack plugin for Spiceworks is now available for download. Aside from a couple of bug fixes, the biggest addition in this release is the ability to force users to enter or select a certain value for required fields before the ticket can be closed (instead of just requiring that it isn’t blank).

Let’s take a look at an example. Suppose you have a custom field named “Dev Stage” with three options: Not Started, In Progress, and Completed. You decide that you don’t want a ticket to be closed unless that field has the “Completed” value selected. To do this, go into Settings > Manage Apps, and then click the “Settings” link for the Help Desk PowerPack plugin. In the Required on Close option, type in your custom field (in this case, “Dev Stage”) but don’t stop there – this is where things get fancy. Now you can type a colon after that field name and start listing out which values are “acceptable” before the ticket can be closed. See screenshot below to get the full picture.

HDPP Required Values

Note that you can specify more than one “acceptable” value, as shown in the second example above, by using the “pipe” or vertical bar character (SHIFT + BACKSLASH on your keyboard). Or, if you don’t care what the user selects (as long as they select something!) then ignore all this and just enter the field name in Required on Close, just like the good ‘ol days.

This new feature should work for all fields (including custom fields) with the exception of the “Related To” or “Inventory Items” field. As well, you can only use this in the Required on Close option – I may add this to the Required on New option in future if users request it.


  • Spiceworks Version 7.3.00050 or higher

Change Log

  • Feature: Required Values – you can now force users to enter/select a certain value for a required field before a ticket can be closed
  • Fixed: Ticket Counts do not update their totals when a ticket is created, updated, closed, etc.
  • Fixed: Custom fields of type “Text Field” are completely ignored when checking required fields (first reported in SW 7.3.00042)

Known Issues/Limitations

  • “Creator” and “Related Items” fields cannot be added to the Quick Entry toolbar
  • Ticket counts are not available for Recently Updated, Vendor/Service Tickets, Active Alerts, Shared Tickets, Urgent Tickets, and any other custom ticket views
  • Tickets can be closed via email without required field validation (currently, it is impossible to restrict this with the current plugin API provided by Spiceworks)

Available on the App Center

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