Help Desk PowerPack 2.6 Released

The latest release of my Help Desk PowerPack plugin for Spiceworks is now available for download.


  • Spiceworks Version 7.2.00223 or higher

Change Log

  • Feature: “Default Comment” configuration option – choose whether the “RESPONSE”, “NOTE” or “PURCHASE” comment form is shown by default
  • Fixed: Ticket counts on custom ticket views created using the “My Ticket Views” plugin are no longer overridden with incorrect information if they contain text that matches any of the other default ticket views (ie. “Michael’s Open Tickets” was previously overridden with “Open Tickets (12)”, etc.)
  • Fixed: If a required field contains similar text to a non-required field (ie. “Cause of Issue” and “Secondary Cause of Issue”) then the non-required field is mistakenly processed as a required field
  • Fixed: Making a custom field required of type “Text Field” (as opposed to just “Text”) does not work
  • Fixed: “Ticket Rows” configuration option now uses exact height of the first ticket row to calculate size of viewing area
  • Fixed: If there are fewer rows in the ticket list than the number selected in the “Ticket Rows” configuration option, then the viewable area will shrink accordingly (hiding unnecessary whitespace)
  • Fixed: Custom time spent options do not always show up


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