I’ve used Microsoft Outlook (along with the rest of the Office suite) for years both at home and in the office. It’s definitely a de facto standard on the job, and although from time to time I would make an effort to see what other alternatives were available, nothing really seemed to compare. So I paid my fees to Microsoft and kept using their software.

The thing that really held me back was the email client. I’ve tried OpenOffice, and more recently LibreOffice and was duly impressed. It seemed to do pretty much everything I needed. But where is the email client? Nuts. It’s back to Microsoft Outlook then. Thunderbird, while a good effort, still seemed too buggy to me. Windows Live Mail seemed fairly decent, but even that had issues. The Windows 8 built-in mail app was way too simplistic for me. I tried several other programs I found online but they all seemed to be missing one feature or another that I really needed.

I wanted a program that could connect to my Exchange account at the office and pull in email/contacts/calendar and combine it with my GMail, Outlook, and other personal accounts in a nice slick interface. Outlook does a fairly good job of this but does lack in some areas. And it seemed to purposefully make working with GMail accounts so slow that my attention would often turn to the grass growing on the lawn (just look at it grow!)…

Then a co-worker walked into my office one day and said, “You gotta try eM Client!” So I did. And won’t be renewing my Office 365 subscription next year. Finally, this is THE email client I’ve been waiting for. It brings all my accounts together and makes working with email so much easier. I’m actually excited to use it every day. It’s elegant, fast, and intuitive.

A business could use eM Client along with LibreOffice and discard Microsoft Office altogether now – but still run Exchange either on-site or in the cloud. Think of how much money that would save! I highly recommend giving it a try…